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Digital Photo Essentials Tutorials

New to the world of digital photography and images? Our Digital Photo Essentials tutorials get you up to speed quickly with the important skills and concepts you need to know to work effectively and get professional results from Photoshop!

Check out our Digital Photo Essentials tutorials below, or download them as PDFs!

What Is Adobe Bridge

What Is Adobe Bridge?

Learn why Adobe Bridge is such a great tool for managing and organizing your images with a quick tour of its interface and some of its many useful features!

How To Install Adobe Bridge CC

How To Install Adobe Bridge CC

Adobe Bridge CC is a powerful companion program for Photoshop that lets us easily find and organize our images. In this first in a series of tutorials, learn how to download and install Bridge CC using the Creative Cloud desktop app!

Resizing Images For Email And The Web With Photoshop CC

Resizing Images For Email And The Web With Photoshop CC

In this third in our series of tutorials on image resizing with Photoshop CC, learn everything you need to know about resizing your photos and images for emailing, uploading to a website, or for any sort of screen display!

How To Resize Images In Photoshop CC

How To Resize Images In Photoshop CC

In this second tutorial in our series on image resizing In Photoshop CC, learn how to change the print size of your photos, and how to easily figure out the largest size you can print your image and still get professional looking results!


Get More Accurate Print Size Previews In Photoshop

Photoshop’s Print Size view mode is supposed to give us an accurate on-screen preview of how an image will look when printed, but by default, it doesn’t work. In this tutorial, we learn why it’s not working and more importantly, how to easily fix it!

The 72ppi Web Resolution Myth

The 72 PPI Web Resolution Myth

Many Photoshop users believe they need to set the image resolution of their photos to 72 ppi before uploading them to the web or viewing them on screen, but is there really any point to it? We put it to the test and learn why computer screens don’t actually care about image resolution at all!