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Digital Photo Essentials Tutorials

New to the world of digital photography and images? Our Digital Photo Essentials tutorials get you up to speed quickly with the important skills and concepts you need to know to work effectively and get professional results from Photoshop!

Get More Accurate Print Size Previews In Photoshop

Photoshop’s Print Size view mode is supposed to give us an accurate on-screen preview of how an image will look when printed, but by default, it doesn’t work. In this tutorial, we learn why it’s not working and more importantly, how to easily fix it!

The 72 PPI Web Resolution Myth

Many Photoshop users believe they need to set the image resolution of their photos to 72 ppi before uploading them to the web or viewing them on screen, but is there really any point to it? We put it to the test and learn why computer screens don’t actually care about image resolution at all!

How To Resize Images In Photoshop

Let’s look at one of the most popular uses for Photoshop, how to resize your images! We’ll learn how to make photos smaller using the Image Size command, and why making them larger is almost never a good idea.

Photoshop Essential File Formats Quick Guide

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of file formats to choose from when trying to save your images in Photoshop? This quick guide looks at the essential formats we need to know, including the pros and cons of each one and the situations where it makes the most sense to use it!

Seeing The Difference With JPEG Compression In Photoshop

It’s a fact of life with digital photos that sometimes we need to compress them to make our file sizes smaller. Our computer screens don’t always make it easy to see the damage being done to the image, but thanks to one of Photoshop’s rarely-used blending modes, the horrors of jpeg compression become strikingly clear.

The Benefits Of Working With 16-Bit Images In Photoshop

The whole point of editing images in Photoshop is to make them look better, so why risk making them look worse in the process if you don’t have to? If you’ve been editing 8-bit images when you could have been working in 16-bit mode, you’ve been missing out on a world of flexibility.

RGB and Color Channels in Photoshop Explained

If RGB is just a three letter word to you and color channels are something you watch on tv, your Photoshop work is suffering. Learn how Photoshop displays colors in your images and take your skills to the next level.

Difference Between Image Resizing and Resampling in Photoshop

A lot of people use the term “image resizing” whether they’re resizing or resampling an image in Photoshop as if they’re the same thing, which they’re most definitely not, and if you’re concerned about image quality, it’s important to know the difference.

Understanding Image Pixels In Photoshop

Image pixels are the tiny building blocks of every digital image. All Photoshop sees is pixels. It’s these pixels that you’re changing in some way with every edit you make to your image, and it’s these pixels you’re printing when you send your digital photos to the printer.

Image Resolution, Pixel Dimensions and Document Size in Photoshop

In this section, we’ll look at some of the most confusing terms you’ll come across when working in Photoshop: image resolution, pixel dimensions and document size – what it all means, why it’s so important to understand, and why you may not need to understand it at all!

Image Resolution And Print Quality

Learn how image resolution and the number of pixels in your image will affect the quality of your digital photos when you print them, why images you download off the internet usually print with poor quality, and how many megapixels (MP) your camera needs to have in order to print professional quality photos at different sizes.