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Photoshop Basics Tutorials

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Align and Distribute Layers In Photoshop

Learn how to easily and automatically align and distribute layers within a Photoshop document using the Align and Distribute options, and how layer groups make it easy to center multiple layers with the document itself!

Photoshop Layers – Layer Groups

As you add more and more layers to a document in Photoshop, your Layers panel can quickly become a cluttered mess of confusion. In this tutorial, learn how layer groups make it easy to keep things neat, tidy and organized!

Open Multiple Images As Photoshop Layers

Tired of dragging images from one Photoshop document to another? Learn how the Load Files into Photoshop Layers command, first introduced in Adobe Bridge CS4, can open multiple images at once as layers inside the same document!

Photoshop Layers – The Background Layer

Layers are easily Photoshop’s most important feature, but one special type of layer – the Background layer – comes with a few rules and limitations we need to be aware of to avoid confusion and frustration.

The Background Layer In Photoshop CS5

For Photoshop CS5 and earlier. Learn all about the Background layer in Photoshop, what makes it special, and how to get around its rules and limitations.

Photoshop CS5 Layers Panel Essentials

Take a whirlwind tour of the Layers panel in Photoshop and learn the essential skills you need for working with layers! For Photoshop CS5 and earlier.

Photoshop Layers Introduction

If there’s one thing every Photoshop user needs to know, it’s how to work with layers, Photoshop’s most powerful and important feature. In this intro to layers, we look at the difference between working with them and working without them!

Layer Opacity vs Fill in Photoshop

Photoshop’s Opacity and Fill options in the Layers panel both control the transparency of a layer, but in this tutorial, we learn the important difference between them when working with layer styles!

Custom Shapes As Text Frames In Photoshop

In this Photoshop Basics tutorial, learn how to create more interesting text layouts in your designs using custom shapes as text frames, and watch as your text fills the area inside the shape!

Photoshop Layer Blend Modes Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Trying out different layer blend modes with our images in Photoshop can be lots of fun, especially when you know how to quickly scroll through and select them directly from your keyboard with these essential time saving shortcuts!

Combining Text With Shapes In Photoshop

In this Photoshop Basics tutorial, learn how to create fun designs and interesting logos by combining text with custom shapes! You’ll learn how to convert text to a shape, how to add other shapes to text and how to use shapes to cut holes out of letters!

Moving Photos Between Tabbed Documents In Photoshop

Dragging and dropping photos between documents has always been an essential skill in Photoshop, but is it still possible with the new tabbed document windows in Photoshop CS4 and CS5? Of course it is! This tutorial shows you how!

Moving Photos Between Documents In Photoshop

Before we can use Photoshop to blend photos together in creative and interesting ways, we first need to know how to move photos from one document to another. In this tutorial, we look at three easy ways that work with any version of Photoshop!

Type On A Path In Photoshop

Learn how to easily make your type flow along the shape and direction of a path. For Photoshop CS5 and earlier.

Free Transform Essential Skills And Shortcuts

Photoshop’s Free Transform command is one of its most useful features, a one-stop shop for resizing, reshaping, rotating and moving things within a document. Learn the essential skills and shortcuts for getting the most out of this powerful feature, including how to switch to other helpful transform modes without leaving Free Transform!

Transforming Selections In Photoshop

Tired of drawing selections in the wrong size, shape or location you needed and trying again and again until you get it right? Learn how to fix the selection you’ve already made with Photoshop’s Transform Selection command, and create a fun picture-in-picture effect while you’re at it!

The Quick Selection Tool In Photoshop

If you’re using Photoshop CS3 or higher, you’ll definitely want to learn all about the Quick Selection Tool and how it lets us select objects in an image simply by painting over them!

The Magic Wand Tool In Photoshop

The Magic Wand, one of the oldest and most basic selection tools in Photoshop, selects pixels in an image based on tone and color. Learn how it works and how a tool so simple can make replacing the sky in a photo quick and easy!

Photoshop Essential Color Settings

Open your images to a greatly expanded world of color possibilities with a few simple but essential changes to the Color Settings in Photoshop!

Photoshop CS5 Essential Preferences

Make sure you’re getting the most out of Adobe’s most powerful version of Photoshop to date with a quick look through Photoshop CS5’s essential Preferences settings!

Mini Bridge In Photoshop CS5

Tired of switching between Photoshop and Bridge every time you need to open a new image? Now you don’t have to! Learn how the new Mini Bridge in Photoshop CS5 lets us easily locate, preview and open photos from Bridge without ever leaving Photoshop!

How To Download Photos From Your Camera With Adobe Bridge CS4

Adobe Bridge CS4 may be great at managing and organizing our ever-growing collection of photos, but first, we need some photos to manage. Learn how the Photo Downloader in Bridge CS4 makes it easy to get your photos from the camera to the computer!

Adobe Bridge CS4 Quick Tour

Digital cameras give us the freedom to snap as many photos as we like, and Adobe Bridge CS4 gives us an easy way to locate, manage and organize them! In this tutorial, we take a quick tour of Bridge CS4’s many features and options.

Photoshop Brushes – Other Dynamics

Learn how to dynamically control the opacity of our brush’s color and the flow of the paint with the Other Dynamics options, the last (but not least) of six Brush Dynamics categories in Photoshop’s Brushes panel!

Photoshop Brushes – Color Dynamics

Learn how to dynamically control the hue, saturation and brightness of your brushes as you paint, and even how to paint with both the Foreground and Background colors at once, using the Color Dynamics options, the fifth of six Brush Dynamics categories in Photoshop’s Brushes panel!

Photoshop Brushes – Dual Brush Options

Learn how to blend and mix two different Photoshop brushes together using the Dual Brush options, the fourth of six Brush Dynamics categories in Photoshop’s Brushes panel!