Photoshop Image Navigation Complete Guide

Complete Guide To Navigating Images In Photoshop

In Chapter 4 of our Photoshop Basics training series, you'll learn everything you need to know to zoom, pan and navigate your images in Photoshop! For Photoshop CC and CS6.

In this fourth chapter of our Photoshop Basics series, you'll learn how to navigate images in Photoshop. In Lesson 1, you'll start with the basics of zooming and scrolling, learning all about the Zoom Tool, the Hand Tool and Photoshop's basic navigation commands. Then in Lesson 2, you'll move from navigating a single image to learning how to zoom and scroll multiple images at once!

Lesson 3 looks at the Navigator panel and why it's a great way to keep track of where you are in an image when you're zoomed in! And in Lesson 4, you'll learn how to scroll an image at any zoom level using a new option in Photoshop CC known as Overscroll.

Birds Eye View is an amazing yet hidden feature in Photoshop that lets you instantly jump from one part of an image to another. You'll learn the secret trick to using Birds Eye View in Lesson 5. And if you've ever drawn with a pencil, you know that rotating the paper can make it easier to work. Lesson 6 shows you how to do the same thing with your image using Photoshop's Rotate View Tool. Finally, in Lesson 7, we'll round up all of the essential tips, tricks and shortcuts for navigating your images like a pro in Photoshop!

Use the 7 tutorials below, in the order they're presented, to get up to speed with navigating images in Photoshop quickly. Need print versions of our tutorials? All of our Photoshop tutorials are now available as print-ready PDFs!

01. Zooming And Panning Images In Photoshop

In this first lesson, you'll learn the basics of navigating images, starting with how to view and change the zoom level from the document window. From there, you'll learn all about Photoshop's View modes, how to zoom with the Zoom Tool, scroll images with the Hand Tool, and more!

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02. Zoom And Pan All Images At Once In Photoshop

In Lesson 1, you learned how to zoom and scroll a single image in Photoshop. Lesson 2 takes everything you learned and shows you how to navigate all open images at once! You'll also learn how to instantly set all of your images to the same zoom level and location.

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03. How To Use The Navigator Panel In Photoshop

As its name suggests, Photoshop's Navigator panel was built for navigating images. In this third lesson, you'll learn where to find the Navigator panel, how to use it to zoom and scroll your photos, and why the Navigator panel is great for keeping track of where you are in the image when zoomed in!

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04. How To Scroll Images Using Overscroll In Photoshop CC

By default, Photoshop only lets us scroll images at zoom levels where the image is too big to fit entirely on the screen. But in Photoshop CC, Adobe added a new feature called Overscroll that lets us scroll at any zoom level. You'll learn how to use Overscroll in this lesson.

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06. Rotating The Canvas With The Rotate View Tool In Photoshop

If you've ever drawn with a pencil, you know that sometimes, turning the paper on an angle makes it easier to work. The same is true with our images. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use the Rotate View Tool to change the viewing angle of your image, making editing, drawing and painting in Photoshop a whole lot easier.

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