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Photoshop Layers Learning Guide

Learn all about layers in Photoshop with our Photoshop Layers Learning Guide! We've rounded up 10 of our layers tutorials into one convenient list and organized them in the best order to read them, so you can build up your skills one step at a time and get up to speed with Photoshop layers as quickly as possible!

Members will find links to download all of the tutorials in our Learning Guides as print-ready PDFs! Let's get started!

01. Understanding Layers In Photoshop

New to Photoshop layers? Start here! In this easy-to-follow, step-by-step lesson, we'll learn the basics of what layers are, how they work, and why knowing how to use layers is such an essential Photoshop skill.

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02. Photoshop Layers Panel Essentials

Understanding what layers are is great, but to really take advantage of them, we need to know how to use Photoshop's Layers panel. In this tutorial, we take a whirlwind tour of the Layers panel and learn everything we need to know to get up and running quickly.

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03. Essential Layers Panel Preferences

In this third tutorial in our Layers Learning Guide, we take another look at Photoshop's Layers panel and learn some simple ways to customize it, keep it free of clutter and keep your Photoshop workflow more efficient!

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04. The Background Layer In Photoshop

The Background layer is different from other layers in Photoshop. It serves as the background for our documents. And because of that, it has certain rules we need to be aware of. In this fourth tutorial, learn all about the Background layer, why it's different, and how to get around its limitations.

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06. Open Multiple Images As Layers In Photoshop

Photoshop is great for blending and compositing images. But getting those images into the same Photoshop document can be a hassle if you don't know about this one fantastic feature. In this tutorial, learn how to quickly open multiple images and have Photoshop place each image on its own layer within the same document!

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07. Photoshop Layers – Layer Groups

As you add more and more layers to a document in Photoshop, your Layers panel can quickly become a cluttered mess of confusion. In this tutorial, learn how layer groups make it easy to keep things neat, tidy and organized!

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09. Layer Opacity vs Fill in Photoshop

Photoshop’s Opacity and Fill options in the Layers panel both control the transparency of a layer, but in this tutorial, we learn the important difference between them when working with layer styles!

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