Vertical Photo Panels Effect With Photoshop CS6

Vertical Photo Panels Effect With Photoshop CS6

Written by Steve Patterson.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll learn how to create the illusion that a single photo is being displayed as a series of vertical panels. It may look complicated, but as we’ll see, it’s actually a very easy effect to create, with most of the steps being simple repetition.

This version of the tutorial has been completely re-written and updated for Photoshop CS6 and is also fully compatible with Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). If you're using Photoshop CS5 or earlier, you'll want to check out the original Vertical Photo Panels Effect tutorial.

Here's the image I'll be using (woman in leather jacket photo from Shutterstock):

Image 199325003 licensed from Shutterstock
The original image.

And here's what the final "photo panels" effect will look like:

Folds and creases photo effect created in Photoshop CS
The final effect.